Winter Walk: Leaves

On this morning’s walk I listened to a podcast instead of taking photos. I also went further today.

Now I’m not breaking any records here. I am not one to exercise but I know I needed to do something. For one I am putting on both the years and pounds.  I also think I need a routine to start my day. Fresh air is good for me and it gives me time to think,  and maybe find some inspiration as well.

Yesterday I walked around the block, this morning I went one more block before turning the corner. And guess what, I didn’t pass out.

It wasn’t my plan to take photos but I found a speckled leaf (probably either diseased or frost bitten!) and I couldn’t resist. Then I saw a cool slate sidewalk. Lots of texture there! And finally, I saw a cool Aspen (?) leaf. I tried to save it to add to my collection but it was frozen to the sidewalk and broke when I tried to lift it – bummer.  (Photos in the slideshow below).

Yes, my hands got cold. Again.


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